Evan’s wtf face


Whenever I watch Evan on AHS… I always notice similar facial expressions he makes. He always lowers his eyebrows or kind of cringes. I call that his wtf face. Here’s what I mean by that.

Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine // August 2014.

Track: W.D.Y.W.F.M?
Artist: The Neighbourhood
Album: I Love You

Maybe you’re right, maybe this is all that I can be.
But what if it’s you, and it wasn’t me?

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if the song “tiptoe through the tulips” ever starts playing, run. don’t ask questions. don’t hesitate. just run. run


malcolm in the middle was the realest show


i swiped my card at mcdonalds like please GOD! if youre real let this transaction approve and it did and i was like well i need more proof thanks though


I love how girls are so chill like yea touch my boobs wanna snuggle heck yes but two guys will bump into eachother and be like woA NO HOMO MAN.



What if Charlie Weasley is asexual? Like what if when his brothers were going through puberty and getting crushes on girls and just obsessing over them, Charlie was just like, “Guys. DRAGONS.”